Python Tutorial: In_Exclude User Data field

Here a simple tutorial on how to use the In_Exclude User Data.
We are going to create a Python Tagplugin using a In-/Exclusion User Data field.
The plugin is very simple. Just Drag & Drop a objects into the In-/Exclusion field, click “Draw Connections” and all objects will be connected to each other by creating a spline between them.

  • Tagplugin
  • In-/Exclusion User Data field, get objects
  • Create and insert Spline
  • Update / refresh In-/Exclusion User Data field.

Here you can download the tutorial zip file with the pdf fileand the Python script.

Tutorial: GUI formatting with python

Here a (paper) tutorial on creating and formatting GUI’s with Python.
It is the second in a series of GUI tutorials.
Here you find the first tutorial “Python dialog tutorial”.

In this tutorial you will find:

  • Grouping widgets
  • Border and layout Flags
  • Checkbox and Buttons
  • Static text
  • Edittext
  • MultiLine Edittext
  • Input numbers with EditNumber, EditNumberArrows , Slider or EditSlider
  • Selecting Color with Color, AddColorField or AddColorChooser
  • Radiogroup and Combobox
  • Separator Horizontal and Vertical

All with Python examples.
Here you can download the tutorial pfd file with all example Python sources.

For this tutorial I used this website (Japanese).