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  1. Hey Pim, since you’re pretty much a C4D python expert thought I’d see if you knew anything about manipulating layers in python. Creating new layers, adding objects to layers, adjusting the layer options (solo, etc.) The documentation is pretty horrible on this. Thought I’d see if you knew anything or could point me somewhere.
    Thanks a ton, you’re GUI tut really helped me as well!

  2. Pim! hey buddy I have another question for you. I tried the forums for this with no reply, possibly because it was such a newb question haha. But I’m trying to create a mograph cache tag on an object with object.MakeTag(c4d.Tmograph_cache) and I keep getting a “module has no attribute” error. I can create other tags on it but not this one. I’m sure this is a really simple fix but I’m at a loss. Any help?

    • Hi AJ,

      I also could not find the correct Tag id, but using GetTags(), I found that the following inserts a Mograph Cache Tag: obj.MakeTag(1019337)

      import c4d
      from c4d import gui

      def main():
      obj = doc.GetActiveObject()

      print obj.GetTags()
      print obj

      if __name__=='__main__':

      • That’s very odd the name doesn’t work. I totally forgot about calling it by its ID number. This works for now. Thanks a lot Pim!

  3. Hey Pim, back with another tutorial request. I was going to see if you would do a tut explaining .h and .res files that go along with some plugins. I’ve never used them and been fine but always been curious as to why some plugins have them or if they were really even necessary. Thanks again for all your help!


    • Sorry for the late reply, but I am busy helping somebody with a commercial plugin.
      The quick answer is that you can use them to define your dialogs / descriptions outside your python code.
      So a .res file defines the layout, the .h files defines the variables used (as constants) and the .str files defines the strings used.

      In my tutorial “How to Create Your Own Python Tag Plugin” I use .res files. Please have a look.

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