LON-LAT Connection Kit

We are very proud to announce the immediate release of the LON-LAT Connection Kit, a geo-location creation toolkit for Maxon’s Cinema 4D.

The kit enables the fast creation of Globe animations and contains a plugin and a library.

The plugin will let you create accurate locations and connections on the globe:
– easy selection and creation of locations from a list with thousands of cities
– easy creation of connections between location
– file parsing for creating large amounts of locations and connections
– parametric settings for the created locations and connections

The library contains different globes, lines and markers:
– 2 vector globes in 110m and 50m resolutions, rigged for easy setup
– a high resolution natural globe
– sweep line object with embedded animation system
– 5 different markers

Click here for short overview.
Click here for an Introduction.
Download the manual v1.0.

It is available through our online-store www.editude.nl/c4d-plugin

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