Adding User Data using Python

Here a short tutorial on how to create User Data and how to read / write User Data using Python.

You will learn:
– how to create / add User Data to a specific object.
– read / write User Data

Here you can download the tutorial (PDF).


6 thoughts on “Adding User Data using Python

  1. Hello, I would like to know as I can assign different materials to the same object using Xpresso, I hope that you could help me.
    My knowledge of Xpresso is basic

  2. Hi Ronyn,

    Thanks for your interest in my Blog and your question.

    To help you better, I have some questions:
    – you just want to add one or more different materials to the same object.
    Thus not create materials, but just assign them?
    – how do you want to determine which materials to add?
    All materials, a list, a selection, etc.?
    – what do you want to achieve with this piece of Xpresso.
    Please give me some background on the nature of your question. What do you want to achieve?

  3. First, a lot of thanks for your interest to solve my question.
    What I want to apply different materials to an object, from a bill of materials, 4 or 5.
    As one is selected or another this material will be applied to the object.

  4. Sorry, still a bit unclear.
    How do you want to select the materials to be applied to your object?
    How to select from your bill of materials?
    If possible, send me a email with more details.

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