Python dialog tutorial

This tutorial will explain how to create a ‘floating’ dialog using Python.






What you will learn:
–          Register the plugin
–          Define Tabs
–          Define, read and write a Link field using the AddCustomGui function
–          Define Separators
–          Define, read and write a Combo Box
–          Define and read File Input field using again the AddCustomGui function

Here you can download the zip with the tutorial (PDF), source and the plugin.

Everybody on the Plugin Cafe – Python Development, thanks for their help.

2 thoughts on “Python dialog tutorial

  1. Hey Pim, I have a suggestion to extend this tutorial or for separate mini tutorial on how to enable/disable or show/hide buttons in the GUI interface. I know it deals with the GetDEnabling function but theres not a lot of good info on how to implement this from my searching around.

    Thanks for any help!

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