Xpresso Logging Node

This Xpresso Logging Node can be used to log Xpresso information to a logfile.


  • Enable
    If True, information will be written (appended) to the logfile.
  • TextField
    This field is written to the logfile and can be used to describe the input value.
  • Input
    This field is written to the logfile
    Note: Most Xpresso variables are accepted. Particle Groups are not yet accepted.


Logfile: Date – Time – TextField – Input

Here you can download information (pdf) on the Xpresso Logging Node and a c4d example file. This example compares the local and global positions of particles.

The manual (pdf) file also contains and explains the Python code used in the Xpresso node.



Tutorial: Ray Collision Xpresso Node

Here a short tutorial on using the Ray Collision Xpresso node.
The node is used to get the polygon that was ‘hit’ by the Ray.
Python is then used to get the neighbor polygons.
All these polygons are added to the Polygon Selection Tag.

What you will learn:
– Use of the Ray Collision Xpresso node.
– Interface Xpresso to Python
– Get Neighbor polygons in Python
– Set selection tag in Python

Here you can download the source used in the tutorial.