Python Tutorial: In_Exclude User Data field

Here a simple tutorial on how to use the In_Exclude User Data.
We are going to create a Python Tagplugin using a In-/Exclusion User Data field.
The plugin is very simple. Just Drag & Drop a objects into the In-/Exclusion field, click “Draw Connections” and all objects will be connected to each other by creating a spline between them.

  • Tagplugin
  • In-/Exclusion User Data field, get objects
  • Create and insert Spline
  • Update / refresh In-/Exclusion User Data field.

Here you can download the tutorial zip file with the pdf fileand the Python script.

Tutorial: GUI formatting with python

Here a (paper) tutorial on creating and formatting GUI’s with Python.
It is the second in a series of GUI tutorials.
Here you find the first tutorial “Python dialog tutorial”.

In this tutorial you will find:

  • Grouping widgets
  • Border and layout Flags
  • Checkbox and Buttons
  • Static text
  • Edittext
  • MultiLine Edittext
  • Input numbers with EditNumber, EditNumberArrows , Slider or EditSlider
  • Selecting Color with Color, AddColorField or AddColorChooser
  • Radiogroup and Combobox
  • Separator Horizontal and Vertical

All with Python examples.
Here you can download the tutorial pfd file with all example Python sources.

For this tutorial I used this website (Japanese).


Update on “How to calculate intersections”

This little tutorial is an update on the Tutorial: “How to calculate intersections” posted on my blog August 17, 2012. It was a more complicated tutorial on “How to calculate intersections of 2 lines (splines) using Python and Cinema 4D”.

However, the part on how to check whether the intersection was on the line segment, was not fully correct. Here an update.

Here you can download the tutorial (PDF) and the c4d source file

Python dialog tutorial

This tutorial will explain how to create a ‘floating’ dialog using Python.






What you will learn:
–          Register the plugin
–          Define Tabs
–          Define, read and write a Link field using the AddCustomGui function
–          Define Separators
–          Define, read and write a Combo Box
–          Define and read File Input field using again the AddCustomGui function

Here you can download the zip with the tutorial (PDF), source and the plugin.

Everybody on the Plugin Cafe – Python Development, thanks for their help.